State Law

State law plays a fundamental role in the public administration and the development of independent businesses; either as regulator or direct market competitor. This role, ever more direct, requires a high grade of interaction between individuals and the administration, creating the need for professional legal counsel and representation in the different procedures that take effect in this setting.

In the field of state law, Muņoz Abogados currently offers its legal services in the following areas: I) Invalidation affairs regarding Industrial Property, particuarly distinctive signs and patents; II) Legal defense in punitive administrative procedures or lodging annulments against state law acts; III) Legal representation in lawsuits that involve the material responsibility of the State due to actions or omissions committed by its officials. At Muņoz Abogados, we also offer counseling and representation in:
The services of Muņoz Abogados' state law department are designed to offer counsel, management and guidance to our clients in every state-law procedures held before departmental and national states authorities, as well as in ordinary and arbitration judicial proceedings.

To serve our purpose, at Muņoz Abogados we have a team of competent, specialized and highly professionals, that is committed to succeed at defending our client's best interests.