Hydrocarbon and Mining & Energy Law

The activities performed around the country's hydrocarbon, mining, and energy industries have reached an important level of development in the last few years and these movements, in turn, must be regulated to identify the mineral property, along with the people/institutions capable of executing exploration and exportation tasks over these resources. Likewise, these tasks represent an important factor for the country's economic development, while remaining under the influence of different measures designed for the safety and well-being of all participants, as well as the environmental impact caused by such actions.

At Muñoz Abogados, we have a highly qualified professional team with expertise in hydrocarbon, mining, and energy law. We are ready to provide our legal services for consultation in mining projects, including documentation proceedings before all relevant authorities and the corresponding negotiations.

This way, the experience of our legal experts spreads towards legal measures of protection and defense for the development of all proceedings, from exploration, exploitation, and marketing of non-renewable natural resources, to the preservation of the environment.

In addition, our hydrocarbon, mining, and energy law department performs tasks involving the proceedings in the purchase-sale of mining titles; preparation of documents and evidence in the request of special reserves; proposals for concession contracts and temporary contracts; technical and legal consultation in a sanctionatory process; international negotiations; among other legal forms of support.