About Us

We are a well-known law firm, which since 1998 has been offering legal counsel and representation to big and small companies in different economic sectors, in several Latin American countries. Our headquarters are in the city of Bogota and since several years we offer our services to local clients in cities from Colombia, Venezuela, Panama and through our correspondents in other countries. Nowadays, the firm is comprised by a group of around fifty employees, which provides legal solutions with the best cost-benefit relationship in the market.

Our Background

In 1997, Diego Muñoz Marroquín began to provide independent legal services. After he worked for several years in other law firms, he specialized in intellectual property. In 2001 he formally established his commercial company, offering legal services in intellectual property, especially in affairs related to trademark registration, becoming – in short time – one of the most important law firms in Colombia.

In 2003, the business administrator Luis Hernando Agudelo is linked to the firm as an administrative shareholder. During that year, the first strategic plan was put in place to define the company's philosophy, and soon enough the firm gained a great reputation and position in the Latin American market. In 2004, it became the first Colombian law firm with office in other countries like Venezuela and Panama. Since 2008 the firm stopped being a small firm to be law firm that offered a variety of legal services. In 2015, more shareholders came in the company, each one of them specialized in a particular area of law practice and providing our clients global legal services.

Muñoz Abogados' mission is to contribute with the development and prosperity of our clients, providing them high-quality legal services, within strict ethical principles with the help of a motivated human talent, professional updated and committed to our clients' satisfaction and needs, always looking forward to defend their interests.

Muñoz Abogados' success is based on the union of their experienced lawyers. They are specialists in different legal fields and they have a direct and permanent relationship with the different government agencies, courts and important people in the national legal area, supported by a technological and administrative platform that it's constantly renewed. All these features allow us to please all our clients' necessities in a creative and efficient way. Likewise, we stand out for having strong values, such as reliance, commitment, loyalty, respect, team work and continuous learning.


By the year 2028 Muñoz Abogados will be one of the first 30 legal and business consulting firms in Colombia, reputable and profitable, recognized for its excellent quality and professionalism, which promotes the growth and well-being of its team, with positive social and environmental impact.


To contribute to the development of our clients, through the satisfaction of their legal needs by providing high quality services, with social responsibility, within strict ethical principles, with a motivated, professional and updated human talent.

Corporate Valuess

  • Trust
  • Commitment
  • Respect
  • Customer service
  • Continuous learning
  • Teamwork
  • Loyalty
  • Recognition

    Why are we different from other law firms?
  • Our commitment and focus are with the client, towards the reduction of legal risks.
  • Shareholders and associates have been outstanding officials from government agencies, lawyers in renowned law firms that have an extensive experience in the practice of different areas.
  • We have defined management methods and legal tools that guarantee the appropriated, quick and efficient customer service.
  • We understand the current business logic and growing processes of Colombians companies.
  • We have a creative vision of practice areas, in favor of an efficient solution to legal issues.
The philosophy that we manage at Muñoz Abogados is easy, we work hard to provide legal security and peace of mind to our clients, so that, they can devote all their efforts to develop their business model. Even though, if necessary, we are trained to face any litigious situation, with a group of professional experts in all areas of business litigation.

We provide custom attention to our clients, with the purpose of focusing on every case to achieve the successful resolution of the problems. At Muñoz Abogados we provide you with consultation on the following areas:
  • Corporate Law
  • Intellectual Property
  • Consumer Law
  • State Law
  • Labor Law
  • Litigations
Muñoz Abogados belongs to different international organizations, such as:
  • INTA: International Trademark Association
  • AIPPI: International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property
  • APAA: Asian Patent Attorneys Association
To communicate with us call at +57 601 7496888 or fill in Contact form.