Administrative Procedures

Administrative procedures are held by public authorities against natural persons and/or legal entities, which require the counsel, guidance and representation of lawyers who are specialized in the field of public law to properly handle these procedures. At Muņoz Abogados we offer our clients counsel and representation in the following administrative procedures:
  • Counsel on rights to lodge requests before public authorities, organizations and private institutions.
  • Counsel for public entities regarding administrative acts, ordinances, bills and other normative instruments.
  • Counsel for public entities in structuring administrative procedures.
  • Legal defense from punitive administrative procedures held by public authorities against natural persons or legal entities.
  • Lodging reversal, appeal or complaints proceedings before administrative authorities.
  • Lodging direct annulments against administrative procedures.
  • Representation for natural persons or legal entities in enforced coercive collection procedures.
  • Handling proceedings related to the recognition of particular rights given through court rulings before administrative authorities.
  • Other proceedings regarding case files and administrative procedures.
  • Counsel in naturalization certificate procedures.
  • Administrative procedures related to urban and environmental law.
  • Counsel and legal defense against police actions.
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