Unfair Competition

Unfair competition is known as the dishonest usage in commerce-related matters. The activities or actions that identify unfair competition are: client diversion, deceptions, discredits, imitation, violation of secrets, confusion, violations of the rules to obtain competitive advantage, among others. Likewise, there are events linked to dishonest usage in commercial subjects that are related to the infractions of industrial property like the ones that violate the exclusive rights of inventions, trademarks, commercial names and creations of diverse products.

At Muņoz Abogados, we represent international and national clients in litigations related to the unfair competition and infractions of the industrial property before the Ordinary Jurisdiction and the Delegation for Jurisdictional Affairs of Industry and Commerce. We offer personalized advice whether you are accused of or accusing someone for unfair actions in the market, or misappropriation of industrial property rights.

It is necessary to count on expert lawyers that are able to advise you in a personalized and professional way to obtain the best results possible when involved in unfair competition or infractions to the intellectual property cases. If this is your case and you need the help of a qualified group of lawyers, you can Contact at +57 601 7496888 or fill out our contact form. We will be happy to help you!