Trademarks, Slogans, Trade Names, and Trade Emblems

Distinctive signs are used in industries or businesses with the purpose of identifying products and services and differentiating them from others in the market.

A trademark is any sign or logo that identifies a product or service in the market and associates it with its business origin. Commercial Slogans or Mottos correspond to a word, phrase, or caption that complements a brand and reinforces its impact on the memory of the consumer. Trade Name is the identification of a business owner in the development of his activity, while a Trade Emblem identifies the establishment whether in physical or digital form.

Our department of distinctive signs in Muņoz Abogados is devoted to protecting the expressions that identify our clients in the market. We perform background checks and develop registry strategies that can be effective locally and abroad. Our knowledgeable and efficient professionals handle over 20.000 brands, mottos, names and trademarks in more than 90 countries.

It is vital to protect the distinctive signs of your business against and forgery by third parties. You should count on expert counseling from industrial law professionals to give your brand a unique identity. Contact Tag.SIteName at +57 601 7496888 or fill out Contact form.