Trademark Watching

It's very important to survey your industrial and intellectual property rights to avoid unauthorized exploitation by third parties.

Our trademark watching service consists in the examination of Trademark Official Gazettes to detect registry solicitations of any trademarks or patents that may be identical or similar to the ones belonging to our clients. If matches are found, we proceed to oppose to said registry solicitation within the granted legal term. Our team also examines the market carefully to detect possible violations of our clients' rights in physical stores or social media.

For appropriate trademark protection, it is necessary to count with the legal advice of a firm with broad knowledge and experience in surveillance of intellectual property assets. They can alert you on time to protect your trademark, work, or innovation. Muņoz Abogados has a full-scale team that will provide you with personalized counseling on how to keep a close eye on your trademarks and protect your rights. Contact us at +57 601 7496888 or fill out or contact form.