Patent Registration in Colombia

Patented word on paper, patent registration in Colombia
Patent registration in Colombia is requested before the Superintendencia de Industria y Comercio (SIC), who among its functions, is in charge of protecting intellectual property. This governmental entity grants Patent registration in Colombia, as well as rights over new industrial creations, trademarks, commercial names, slogans and symbols. Innovation patents are protected for 20 years, while the utility model patents are protected for 10.

Expert Patent Registration Lawyers

Patent registration in Colombia demands a series of requirements and steps to must be met in detail. First, application forms must be requested before the SIC and fees must be payed to lodge the documents that prove the novelty of your brand, product or invention. The next steps to follow for a Patent registration in Colombia includes: the filing and admission of the procedure, its formal examination, the property's official publication (to verify that there's no other person claiming property rights), requests for patentability, verdict and later, maintaining the patent. Patent registration in Colombia (the whole process) can take between 3 and 5 years depending on each case, so it must be done by experts such as those from Muņoz Abogados.

When it comes to patent registration in Colombia, you can fully trust that Muņoz Abogados will manage the entire process in a timely manner. Before initiating the process of patent registration in Colombia, we conduct a preliminary patentability study. This is done to ensure no other product can dispute the novelty of your own. Once the SIC has granted the patent registration in Colombia, we help you by quickly taking legal actions if any plagiarism attempt is detected.

Muņoz Abogados is a firm you can trust to perform any patent registration in Colombia you need, as well as to fully defend your interests once the process is over. You can contact us by dialing our number at +57 601 7496888 number or simply filling out the form on this page. By doing so, you will receive the best counseling on patent registration in Colombia.