International Protection Strategies

The registration of trademarks and patents grants territorial rights, which means that they are exclusive only in the territory where they were issued, in this case, Colombia. To obtain copyright protection abroad it is necessary to register the trademark or patent in the country of interest.

To obtain protection of your trademark overseas there is an international system called the Madrid System, which allows to request trademark registration in around one hundred jurisdictions around the world through an application to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) For patents, the regulation establishes a 12-month period to request registration in other countries since the day of the submission of the request in Colombia . This period can be extended to 31 months through the PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty). Once these periods are overdue there will not be any other opportunities to protect the invention in other countries.

It is necessary to count with the counsel of a team of expert and qualified lawyers that can guide you in a personalized way about how to protect your trademark, idea, or innovation in other countries, thus avoiding unauthorized usage or forgery by third parties.

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