Insolvency of Non-Merchant Natural Persons

Insolvency for non-merchant natural persons is when a person negotiates their debts through an agreement with their creditors with the purpose of normalizing their economic situation. Some of the processes that an insolvent non-merchant natural person can perform are:
  • Negotiate with creditors over debt payment.
  • Validate private agreements with creditors.
  • Liquidation of assets.
If you are currently insolvent and are a non-merchant natural person this might be an option for you, as it will allow you to come to an arrangement as to how you will pay your creditors. The best option in this case is to count with the counseling and legal representation of a law firm that can adequately guide you towards solving your case. At Muņoz Abogados we offer personalized counseling and professional legal representation, since they are highly prepared to help their clients solve all their legal problems. If you need counseling regarding insolvency for non-merchant natural persons you can Contact at +57 1 7496888 or fill out Contact form.