Hydrocarbon and Mining Law

Legal action in hydrocarbon, energy, and mining sectors has expanded in the course of the last few years; the problems associated to environmental degradation and global warming represent a very sensitive matter, having led the State to implement a more severe set of international regulations.

Restrictions for the execution of projects affecting the environment, social protests, citizens' initiatives, and popular consultations in areas surrounding mining districts in Colombia have paved the way for countless challenges of growing complexity.

At Muņoz Abogados, we have ample experience in constitutional topics within this sector, like tutelage actions for the State Council regarding popular consultations in hydrocarbon and mining. Our lawyers took part in the tutelage action performed for the Cumaral's hydrocarbon popular consultation, the same constitutional mechanism that generated the SU 095 Sentence at the Constitutional Court in 2018.

We are up to date with all jurisprudence changes concerning soil and subsoil usage dynamics, particularly the exploitation of non-renewable natural resources, the separation of competencies between the Nation and the territory, and all legislative challenges involved in the coordination, assembly, and subsidiarity of these two entities.

Muņoz Abogados offers legal services in consultation and representation for private businesses in the mining, energy, and hydrocarbon sectors, as well as for trade associations and public entities, in matters like:
  • Consultation for mining concessions.
  • Contracts for exploration, exploitation, and transportation of hydrocarbons..
  • Citizen integration mechanisms (popular consultations) and governmental initiatives (agreements, accords).
  • Land policy plans, as well as for soil usage and exploitation of non-renewable natural resources.
  • Regulation matters in the hydrocarbon and mining sectors.
  • Administrative and civil litigation related to the sector.
  • Bidding process.
  • Indemnifying Contractual and non-contractual actions.
  • Study of proprietary rights and in the exploitation of energy sources.
  • Representation in sanctionatory process or administrative investigations.
  • Identification of environmental obligations that can be attributed to a business.
  • Negotiations in transactions involving relevant mining, energy, and environmental matters and litigations concerning mining, energy or the environment, at a courthouse or administrative office.