Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management Audit

Human talent is the backbone of organizations and their business, as workers are the ones that form and give life to the company. Due to this, a good management of the labor force is vital for the development and sustainability of business in any industry or field. Manage human talent is necessary, with the purpose of identifying the talent of the workers of an organization to find better results.

It's vital to count with the counseling and representation of a law firm and competent administrators to audit the human resource management process, as it will not only cover you from legal risks, but also operational and administrative risks. At Muņoz Abogados we offer the following full services related to human resource management:
  • Creating risk assessment matrixes for the HR process.
  • Auditing true procedures and field work, as well as reviewing the selection and recruitment, employment, compensation, capacitation, and well-being processes.
  • Development, performance evaluation, health and safety in the work place, disciplinary and employee termination.
  • Audit findings action plan.
At Muņoz Abogados we offer you personalized counseling in regards to the human resource management audits, you can Contact at +57 601 7496888 or fill out our contact form. Our professional team will be delighted to help you!