Geographic Indications

Geographic Indications are geographical names used to designate a product that has certain differentiating features or reputation in virtue of its relation with the traditions or manufacturing procedures from a particular country or region.

Several important factors should be taken into account to consider a geographic indication: reputation, features, and quality of the product according to its origin must be analyzed. These traits set the product apart from other similar ones that come from different locations. Some geographic indications protected in Colombia are: Café del Hula, Tejeduría Wayuú, and Queso Paipa.

Geographic indications are recognized by the State and allow the product to have brand positioning and name recognition both locally and globally. At Muñoz Abogados we can guide you through the rules and laws that you must comply with if you wish to obtain a geographic indication. Contact Muñoz Abogados at +57 601 7496888 or fill out our contact form.