Muņoz Abogados Chaired Conference on the Legal Aspects Entailed in Medical Cannabis

August 25, 2018

LEGAL ASPECTS ENTAILED IN THE COLOMBIAN MEDICAL CANNABIS INDUSTRY Participants received instruction on the decriminalization of Medical Cannabis in Colombia and its subsequent regulation, the current regulation system, licenses and quotes, the advantages of building an entity as a seed source and as an agronomic evaluation unit, and the economic and free competition aspects entailed in the cannabis market. This included an analysis about the impact of Colombia's economic development and, lastly, an overview of intellectual property in relation to the patentability of medical cannabis in Colombia, the requirements, exceptions, usefulness of the patents applied for Colombian inventors, as well as the types of protection like plant varieties, brands, industry secrets, and designations of origin.

This type of event generates spaces where many participants of the economic and industrial sectors get closer to the current trends implemented by new businesses, and reach the potential envisioned for the country thanks to its natural and cultural riches.

About the firm: Muņoz Abogados is a firm with a groundbreaking record when it comes to legal matters related to Medical Cannabis in Colombia, responsible of managing and obtaining several licenses for its clients, including the first license ever granted in Colombia.