Declaration of Well-known Trademark

A trademark could be the most valuable intangible asset of a company because it gives value and a unique identity to the product or service. A declaration of a well-known trademark issued by the competent entity —SIC in Colombia— allows the holder to obtain the following benefits:
  • Increase in the financial value of the trademark as a company asset.
  • We guarantee maximum legal protection overriding the principle of specialty.
  • Extension of international protection under appropriate circumstances.
  • Increased protection against forgery and usurpation.
Several factors will be taken into account to obtain the declaration of a well-known trademark, for instance, the level of trademark recognition (top-of-mind and positioning), market, leadership distinctiveness, sales volume, marketing budget, and media exposure. If you wish to obtain a declaration of a well-known trademark for your trademark, Muñoz Abogados offers personalized counseling and representation. Call us at +57 601 7496888 or fill out or contact form.