Debt Recovery

Through debt colection or recovery the goal is that natural persons or legal entities can obtain the rightful payment for services rendered or any other payment derived from their commercial activities. The purpose of this procedure is to restore the natural person's or the business' equity through legal actions or by a payment agreement with the debtor. At Muņoz Abogados we offer the following debt collection and recovery services:
  • Pre-legal collection.
  • Legal collection of enforcement orders.
  • Legal collection of securities (invoices, promissory notes, checks, bills, among others).
If you are having problems collecting debts, it is necessary that you count with the legal advice of a highly expirienced law firm with knowledge in this matter, to find the easiest and most adequate solution correctly in compliance with the law. At Muņoz Abogados our team of highly trained lawyers offer personalized counseling and legal representation in debt recovery issues, to fulfil our client's needs. To count with our guidance, Contact at +57 1 749688 or fill out Contact form.