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Why is corporate law in Colombia so important? If we consider that there are more than 323,000 companies in the country, then there's one company for every 150 Colombians. Given this context, corporate law in Colombia is crucial to keep corporate transparency in the country.

That's why at Muñoz Abogados we have taken the task of gathering the most qualified professionals in corporate law in Colombia to serve our clients. Whether you need help the forming, funding, running or dissolving your corporation, you can count on the presence of our team lawyers, experts in the field corporate law in Colombia, to guide you through all the legal decisions and actions you require.

Furthermore, our lawyers who specialize in corporate law in Colombia act based on what's known in financial sector as compliance, which consists in nothing more than the applying adequate procedures all through the company, so all of its parts comply with what corporate law in Colombia stipulates. This means that is you hire our services, our lawyers will work to adapt every department, process or employee to comply with corporate law in Colombia. Traditionally, the company's legal department was responsible for this task in each organization, but nowadays, the trend is to hire lawyers who are specialized in corporate law in Colombia. Only experts in corporate law in Colombia, like Muñoz Abogados, are able tackle even the most intricate problems that your company could encounter.

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At Muñoz Abogados, we take corporate Law in Colombia very seriously. Colombia's Criminal Code (Código Penal 2010) reform establishes criminal liability for crimes committed by a corporation. However, its subsequent reform clarifies that corporations are exempt from that liability only if it had taken sufficient regulation, internal control and supervision measures before the crime was committed. This is one of the reasons our lawyers who handle are clients in corporate law in Colombia act based in compliance, and thus aren't held liable for crimes committed by their employees.

If you are looking to hire the most qualified lawyers to help your company comply with corporate law in Colombia, be sure to contact Muñoz Abogados. You can call us at +57 601 7496888 or simply fill out the form in this very page. Don't hesitate, call us today!