Intellectual property is defined by an author's rights that over his or her intellectual creations, such as songs, scientific items, books, artistic works, theatrical pieces, computer programs (software), amongs.

Copyrights give the author of the work several prerogatives divided in two categories:
  • Moral rights: these are the personal rights of the author, who may authorize the disclosure of the work to the public, prevent its modification, keep it anonymous or conversely order that its name be shown. These rights cane never be transferred or become extinct.

  • Property rights: these are the exploitation rights over the work, such as reproduction, translation, and distribution rights, , among others. These rights can be relinquished for a sum of money or royalty payment.
Muņoz Abogados assists clients in all proceedings related with the protection and defense of your copyrights:
  • Registration of the work in the National Copyright Office.
  • Defense against plagiarism, piracy, and unauthorized copies.
  • Drafting of the assignment agreement or copyrights license.
  • Registration of agreements in the National Copyrights Office.
  • Negotiation and walkthrough in copyright- related procedures.
  • Definition of copyright policies.
  • Detection and prevention of copyright violation.
  • Training in copyright proceedings.
  • Analysis of work relationships as related to copyright.
It is essential to count on the advice of professionals specialized in industrial law in order to protect and defend the copyrights over a wide range of creative products, such as literary works, artistic works, movies, songs, musicals, and software.

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