Consumer Protection

Consumer protection can be defined as the norms that defend the rights and interests of the consumer of goods and services. Likewise, these norms regulate the chain of commercialization between manufacturers, providers, and dealers. Consumer protection is found in several fronts of the consumer relations, such as:
  • Deceptive information.
  • Breach of guarantees and average incentives.
  • Problem with pricing and payment of products and services.
  • Quality, suitability, and safety of the products.
  • Purchase withdrawals.
  • Inconveniences at the time of providing a service, among others.
The main function of this branch of law is to protect and guarantee the safety defense of the consumer, as well as advising and defending the businessmen in this type of situations, in order to satisfy the needs and that the products do not cause harm or trouble to the consumers. If you have problems in regards to the consumer protection, it is recommendable that you seek the help of a lawyer team that offer you advice and legal representation to solve these kinds of problems.

At Muņoz Abogados we advise and represent you in matters of consumption law. Likewise, we guide businessmen in judicial and administrative actions related to the consumer law before judges and the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, in specific and individual cases for the alleged violation of the consumer protection norms.