Competency-based Management Model

Design and Implementation of a Competency-based Management Model

At Muñoz Abogados we offer you services related to the design and implementation of a competence-based management model so your company can identify each worker's potential, develop it, evaluate it, and guide his performance towards achieving your company's goals. Our counsel and support in this field includes:
  • Competency architecture, dictionary and job descriptions included.
  • Capacitation program for the internalization model.
  • Competency evaluation program to identify employee skill gaps.
  • Training program to reduce employee skill gaps.
  • Competency-based performance – incentives assessment.
  • Performance agreements.
To count with the personalized counseling and professional representation of Muñoz Abogados and further information about the design and implementation of competency-based management models, call us at Contact at +57 601 7496888 or fill out our contact form. Our professional team will happily help you!