Civil and Commercial Litigation

Civil and commercial litigation refers to legal disputes and conflicts that arise in these branches of the law, and for their resolution it is imperative to count with the legal counseling to find the easiest solution for both parties. At Muņoz Abogados we offer you counseling and legal representation in the following litigious fields:
  • Restitution of possesion.
  • Sales contract resolution.
  • Statement of ownership.
  • Contesting board of directive or partners' assemblies.
  • Contract annulment.
  • Civil contractual liability, regarding non-compliance to the obligation.
  • Non-contractual liability, regarding persons obliged to answer for damage inflicted: liability for a personal deed, liability for external deed, liability for animate and inanimate objects deed (where there is assumption of guilt).
  • Claims.
  • Execution.
If you are currently facing an civil or commercial dispute and need personalized cousel and legal representation from a professional team that can guide in the right path towards adequately and lawfully solving your problems. At Muņoz Abogados we offer you guidance and represention, always looking for the best solution to your problem. Contact our law firm at Muņoz Abogados or fill out Contact form.