Business Reorganization

The corporate law department at Muņoz Abogados, focuses its practice on different scenarios like the business reorganization. This is a procedure that allows the recovery and conservation of an enterprise as an economic unit and an important source of employment. The process of business reorganization allows to preserve feasible companies and standardize its business relationships through an operational, administrative rearrangement of assets and liabilities.

To request the admission for a business reorganization, it is mandatory to make the proper verification of the standards through a deep survey of the company's accounting, which will determine its insolvency or liquidity. This will be expressed by the payment or cessation of the companies' obligations.

To start a business reorganization process when it's necessary is very important, since it allows to preserve your company from getting to a liquidation process and from loosing your patrimony. To Contact call us at +57 601 7496888 or fill out Contact form.