Business Integrations

Business integrations are a mechanism to acquire the control of one or more companies in the market, in order to create a new business that manages the activities of the companies that have been jointly acquired. Another definition of business integrations is when several companies legally independent join forces and form one company to continue with their activities. There are several forms of business integrations, which are:
  • Horizontal integration: performed among companies that have the same chain value.
  • Vertical integration: carried out by companies that have different types of production, but are in the same chain value.
If you are thinking of performing a business integration, but you have doubts regarding the subject, it is necessary that you seek the advice of a lawyer firm with experience in these sort of matters that can advise you in how to perform a successful business integration according to the regulations and the laws of your country, in order to conduct safe procedures that adhere to the norms to avoid sanctions and bad legal processes. At Muņoz Abogados we offer you personalized advice and legal representation in business integrations so that you know the steps to follow during this process adequately. You can Contact at +57 601 7496888 or fill out our contact form to obtain more information.