Anticompetitive Practices

Anticompetitive practices or restrictive of the competition are known as all the actions and agreements that limit the activity of other businessmen and can be harmful to consumers. In other words, they don`t allow the companies to compete in the market and have as objective to constrain, limit, distort, or harm the competition and the market.

At Muņoz Abogados, we offer advice and representation to businessmen in the analysis, formulation and defense in situations related to the free economic competition, such as:

  • Cartelization.
  • Dominant positioning.
  • Company mergers.
If this is your case, it is necessary that you count on the advice of professionals in this legal area. Muņoz Abogados offers you the advice you need if your competitors show this kind of behavior or if you are under investigation for such behavior. You can Contact at +57 601 7496888 or fill out or contact form. We will be happy to help you!